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    Durrani,Shiraz (2018): Kenya’s War of Independence: Mau Mau and its Legacy of Resistance to Colonialism and Imperialism, 1948-1990.

    Book Review: Simon Muli: More than a trip back in Kenyan history. The Asian Weekly. April 2018

    Liberating Minds, Restoring Kenyan History: Anti-Imperialist Resistance by Progressive South Asian Kenyans, 1884-1965
    by Nazmi Durrani With Additional Material By Naila Durrani and Benegal Pereira.Gujarati and English.
    Vita Books. Nairobi. 2017
    Invitation Book Launch – Liberating Minds
    Book Reviews
    1.Simon Mull (Asian Weekly) June 2007 Liberating Minds Launch
    2.Ramnik Shah (Opionon) 08-06-17 LM Review
    3. Liberating Minds (Awaaz) 2017
    4.Liberating Kenyan History (LM Review) Meera Pattni

    Makhan Singh: A Revolutionary Kenyan Trade Unionist.June, 2015. 978-1-869886-22-6 Edited by Shiraz Durrani.
    See information on the book
    MS book publicity
    Makhan Singh book launch: SOAS October 5, 2015
    1. A Pioneer of Kenya’s Unions – book review by Dan Thea: Morning Star (09-11-15)
    2. Makhan Singh book review (Ken Olende) Socialist Rev. (410) Feb. 2016
    3. Theme of Betrayal Dominates New Book (Shiundu) Nation (20-02-16)


    Mau Mau (N&Q No. 2, 2014) cover
    Mau Mau, the revolutionary force from Kenya.
    by Shiraz Durrani
    Notes & Quotes Study Guide No. 2

    Reflections on MS (N&Q No.1) 2014 cover
    Every inch a fighter: reflections on Makhan Singh and the trade union struggle in Kenya.
    by Shiraz Durrani
    Notes & Quotes Study Guide No. 1

    Durrani S (2016) Politics of Information (Nairobi)10-9-16

    Progressive-Libraianship (cover)
    Progressive librarianship: perspectives from Kenya and Britain, 1979-2010.
    by Shiraz Durrani
    978-1-869886-20-2 (print) / 978-1-869886-21-9 (epub) / 978-1-869886-23-3 (mobi)


    NBS cover(f) copy
    Never be Silent: publishing and imperialism in Kenya 1884-1963
    by Shiraz Durrani


    Writing against neocolonialism
    Writing against Neocolonialism
    by Thiong’o, Ngugi wa

    KIMAATHI – Mau Mau’s First Prime Minister of Kenya
    Kimaathi, Mau Mau’s First Prime Minister of Kenya
    by Shiraz Durrani


    Vita Posters: Kimaathi / Muthoni / Arms & Struggle (out of print)